Eva Glock Fine Art

Eva Glock is an artist from Texas.

Hello, I'm Eva. Welcome!

Here, I share a selection of my recent work. I live in Texas with my husband and son, and we have no shortage of inspiring surroundings that encourage me to paint. My work is currently on display at Austin City Hall. I will be participating in a group exhibition at Bass Concert Hall in Austin, Tx; and in an exhibition at Texas State University Round Rock Campus. I will share rescheduled dates for upcoming shows once they are confirmed.
Statement: I pull from a regional diction which reflects both where I am from and my broader experience. I grew up seeking, drawing, and exploring within the Texas Hill Country. In college, I studied behavioral science and mutli-disciplinary fine arts which suited my need for reflection, making, and context. As my work has developed, I’ve learned to embrace and trust applied observation. I draw inspiration from spending time outdoors and absorbing the rhythms of nature. Representational and recurring themes in my paintings include horizon lines and the architecture of nature.

Style: Expressive use of color and form are hallmarks of my work as I attempt to translate my view of the landscapes I encounter into serene moments frozen in time.

Process: The paintings are built up with layers and layers of paint to add texture, depth, and movement. Color and contrast are an important dynamic in the work. I start out with a subject in mind, but I then respond to the process and allow the painting to develop beyond a preconceived idea.